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Belfast Class (Yr 3/4)

Welcome to Belfast Class

Our classes this year are named after UK cities. We voted for Belfast because we were fascinated to learn about the birthplace of the Titanic- but also to learn that author C.S. Lewis was born and grew up in Belfast!


The adults supporting us in our learning are Mrs Ingram, Mrs Tully and Mrs Fraemohs.


Mrs Ingram teaches on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Mrs Tully teaches on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Mrs Fraemohs supports learning every weekday morning.


In Belfast Class, we are kind to each other, great at lively discussion, creative thinkers and importantly, we believe that... "Being different is the best thing ever!" 

Do you recognise this sculpture of a character from one of Belfast's most famous authors...?

So far this year, we've read...

Now we're reading...

STEM Term- Summer 2022


Can we believe everything we see?


This term we are investigating if we can believe everything that we see in the world around us and how it is presented to us in different media forms such as films, television and printed publications.

We will be looking behind the lens or camera to understand the creative process and the methods that can be used to construct what we want people to see rather than what they are actually seeing. 



Below we have attached an overview of our term's learning, as well as more in-depth information on key vocabulary.


We encourage you to refer to this with your child.


"If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse."

Walt Disney


Explore Term- Spring 2022


Are we born to seek adventure?


Our project this term is based around exploring the natural world. It is a science and geography based unit. All our work over the half term will leading up to our final expedition where we will be using our orienteering skills to explore the New Forest.


Below we have attached an overview of our term's learning, as well as more in-depth information on key vocabulary.


We encourage you to refer to this with your child.


“Adventure is merely a part of life: do not fear the unknown, explore it!” 

Riccardo Francaviglia

Weekly Expectations



Your child should be reading in their own time at least 3 times a week. 

To help your child foster a love for reading, share the reading with them by reading one page to them and then letting them read the next page to you. Talk to them about the story, the characters, what they think might happen next etc.


Every week, if a child has read at least 3 times and logged it in their Reading Record, they will enter a prize draw to say 'well done' for engaging with Reading so well.



Spellings will be given once a week on a Friday to be tested the following Friday. Each child has their own 'Go Home Spelling Book' where they will record their spellings. Words are also shared on our Google Classroom.


The 'Go Home Spelling Book' will also be used to record spelling tests, so please make sure it comes into school on Fridays.



All children should complete 1000 points on Mathletics weekly. Occasionally, there will be specific tasks to support the learning we are doing in class.


Times Tables

By the end of year 4, all children are expected to have a fluent, working memory of times tables upto 12 x 12. With this in mind, regular short bursts of practice are essential. We will offer time in class to polish up on these, but we ask that parents encourage their children to use the TT Rockstars website to do so at home too. Other methods are great too- chanting, practising in the car, workbooks, putting them up on the fridge...

P.E. in Belfast Class


PE takes place on Thursday and Friday every week. We ask that children wear their PE kits to school on these days. On chillier days, children can wear a navy track suit over their PE kit.


All children should have a water bottle every day.