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Dundee (Year 5/6)

Welcome to Dundee Class

The class of discovery and innovation!

Welcome to Dundee We are Year 5 & 6 and our teacher is Miss Coombes. Mrs Sanderson also helps us with our learning.


This year, our classes are named after cities in the UK. We have chosen to be named after Dundee in Scotland - nicknamed the City of Discovery. Through our research, we found out that Dundee has been awarded the UNESCO City of Design and is famous for its shipbuilding, video game designs, comic book strips and Miss Coombes and Mrs Sanderson's favourite - Dundee cake! We would like to be nicknamed 'The Class of Discovery and Innovation' this year after our namesake. 

Class Timetable

Discover Term - Autumn 2021

How do our beliefs drive our actions?

This autumn, we are exploring the project 'How do our beliefs drive our actions?'  through our key concepts of belief and faith. This term will have a history, art and RE focus, leading to a showcase of our work in a 'belief through art'  exhibition - details to be confirmed. 


During our project, we will be exploring the beliefs of Ancient Civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Early Islamic Civilisations. We will also be looking at modern world faiths including Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Humanism and will be visiting places of worship to find out more. 


Have a look at our knowledge organiser and key dates below! 



Key Dates


Friday 3rd September - Ancient Egypt Day


Friday 1st October - Winchester College and Cathedral Visit


Wednesday 6th October - Ancient Greek Day


November (Date TBC) - Visit to Mosque


November - Interfaith week with visitors into school 


December  - 'Belief through art' exhibition by Dundee Class


English and Whole Class Reading


Our whole class reading texts for this term will be Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll and The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. If you would like to buy your child a copy so that they can read along with the text, please do so. 


To inspire our writing in English lessons, we will be reading The Story of Tutankhamun, Mythologica and Odysseus. We look forward to sharing examples of our finished writing with you. 

Ancient Egyptian Enrichment Day


We had a great time meeting with Hyde children for our Ancient Egyptian day. We explored Tutankhamun's tomb and the relics inside, deciphered hieroglyphics, made amulets and solved the Howard Carter themed escape room! A great way to kick off the project! 

Explore Term - Spring 2022

Does adversity make us stronger?

STEM Term - Summer 2022

How does technology help us to push our bodies to the limits?