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Breamore C of E Primary School

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Pembroke Class (Yr 1/2)

Welcome to Pembroke Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Silver.  She loves music, exploring the countryside and her dream is to own a dog one day!  She loves to read us books - some of her favourite stories are the Rabbit and Bear stories by Julian Gough and The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. 

Each morning we are also supported by Miss Bedford.  She loves the outdoors and helps us take care of the school guinea pigs, Crunchy and Munchy.  She also teaches us outdoor learning at Trailblazers.  Miss Robinson helps us in class too.  She also looks after children in Breakfast Club and at After School Club. 

Each Wednesday and Thursday we have PE and Year 1 also have Happy Bats (tennis skills) on Fridays.  Please can you wear your PE kits to school on those days? 

If you have any questions or concerns about school, please get in touch with me via email or through the school office.  It's always much easier to stop any worries by having a quick chat! 


All about our class!

How has Our Community Changed Over Time? Our project this term is all about our change and community. We will be learning about toys from the past as well as the history of transport. Look out for our special museum that we are creating at school! Please see the project map below for some of the exciting things we are planning this term!




Why not add some fun music into your  day? 

Follow the link to Sing Up at home for lots of songs to get you singing and moving! 



Or how about these?  A lot of silly songs to enjoy! 




Here are some links to useful websites, activities or games for you: