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Welcome to London Class (Rec/Yr 1

Hello and Welcome to

London Class      


A little information about our team:

Mrs Johnston is our class teacher (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) along with Mrs Mylius on (Thursday, Friday). We have our three Teaching Assistants - Mrs Cooper, Miss Tozzi and Mrs Cross who help us in our learning and investigating. We are always available to speak with you about any questions or queries you or your child may have - just contact the school by telephone, email or catch us on the school gate at the start or end of the day.



Each year the children choose the name of their class to give them ownership over what they are doing. This relates to a whole school theme. London Class is our class name this year.

Useful information:

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons the children will work on a rotation of 2 activities during the teachers' PPA time.  Please could the children wear their PE kit into school on these day for 

P.E and Trailblazers


Our Topic - Stem

What would life be like without our senses ? 

Below are our Knowledge Organisers which show you an overview of our learning this Stem term. We have a mixture of subjects we will be focusing on - Science, Design Technology and Computing for KS1.  We are visiting some exciting places this term on federated trips and will be exploring our senses and designing some wonderful textiles to showcase to you at the end of  term.



Here is a sneak peek of our first lesson looking at our five sense. We had lots of fun exploring the different ways our body uses our senses to help us and are looking forward to understanding more and answering the question - What would life be like without our sense ? 




Year 1 London Class Tin Forest Writing


We are so excited to show you our wonderful work inspired by our class book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward

We have been looking at the book The Tin Forest in literacy and have written our own description of the book as a year group as well as our own individual work. We were inspired by the illustrations inside this wonderful book and wrote how they made us feel for you to see on our website. I hope you enjoy reading our wonderful descriptive work, we worked really hard at descriptive language and even discussed the use of alliteration to make our writing more exciting and descriptive for the reader. 

Our individual Work...









How can you help ?


Everyday Reading at Home

Reading to your child each night is very important and such a wonderful way to connect about their day in school. It is such a priceless time for them to really embed their learning and encourages that natural love for reading.  Please take a look at our Reading Rockets video above for further information.



Everyday Maths at Home 

Maths can be threaded through resources and discussion around the home or out at the shops. We see maths problems in everyday life and by using some of your time at home it can be a wonderful way to build a child's confidence and independence in maths at school - Simply by counting your steps down the stairs or asking how many coins are in the jar ?



Everyday Questioning at Home

Asking questions stimulates thoughts and feelings. It makes us discuss and question so much around us and builds not only confidence but the ability for children to think 'outside the box'. Questioning children builds their imagination, independence and unique personalities to great heights. It brings such joy to each day and definitely worth the time. 




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